AGA Meetings Records (Minutes etc) up to 2004

Note some documents may be in (perhaps old versions of) MS Word

    14th Minutes 1991.doc          file    10.5 Kb
    15th AGA Minutes.doc          file    35 Kb
    15th AGM 1992 agenda.doc          file    3.5 Kb
    16th AGA Minutes 1993.doc          file    31.5 Kb
    16th AGM 1993 agenda.doc          file    3 Kb
    17th AGA Minutes 1994.doc          file    31 Kb
    18th AGA minutes 1995.doc          file    45 Kb
    19th AGA Minutes 1996.doc          file    36 Kb
    20th AGA Minutes 1997.doc          file    35.5 Kb
    20th AGM Notice.doc          file    6.5 Kb
    21st AGM Notice.doc          file    4.25 Kb
    21st Minutes 1998.doc          file    39 Kb
    22nd AGM Agenda.doc          file    4.5 Kb
    22nd Minutes 1999.doc          file    47.5 Kb
    23rd AGA minutes 2000.doc          file    47 Kb
    23rd AGM Agenda.doc          file    28 Kb
    24th AGA TreasReport 2001.pdf          file    4.62 Kb
    24th AGM Notice.pdf          file    28.91 Kb
    24th_AGA_minutes_2001.pdf          file    47.79 Kb
    25th AGA TreasReport 2002.pdf          file    58.99 Kb
    25th AGM Notice.pdf          file    31.41 Kb
    25th_AGA_minutes_2002.pdf          file    53.33 Kb
    26th AGM Agenda.doc          file    24.5 Kb
    26th Treasurer's report.doc          file    22.5 Kb
    26th_AGA_minutes_2003.pdf          file    56.9 Kb
    AGA Committee 2002.pdf          file    3.17 Kb
    AGA_Committee_2002-3.pdf          file    34.37 Kb
    AGA_minutes2001.pdf          file    53.26 Kb
    Agenda 17 AGM 1994.doc          file    4 Kb
    Agenda 18 AGM 1995.doc          file    5 Kb
    Agenda 19 AGM 1996.doc          file    6 Kb
    Agenda 20 AGM 1997.doc          file    5 Kb
    Agenda 21 AGM 1998.doc          file    42 Kb
    TreasurerReport2003.pdf          file    56.59 Kb