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Aussies to compete in Beijing Mind Sports Games post-Olympics



China will host the 1st World Mind Sports Games in October in Beijing following the Olympic games. The Mind Sports, comprising Go, Chess, Bridge, Checkers (Draughts) and for this year Chinese Chess, are expected to be held every Olympic year, attracting top players from around the world in each discipline.


The Australian Go Association today announced the selection of 10 Go players to represent Australia in five medal events, the Men’s Individual, Women’s Individual, Open, Men’s Team and Women’s Team contests. The Australian team will consist of seven men and three women. Two of the strongest players are also the youngest: 15 year old Kevin Chen from Melbourne and 14 year old Joanne Missingham, who is currently studying Go in China. Joanne, who defeated Australia’s best players at the Toyota and Denso Go Cup in Brisbane in January, is hoping to become a professional player — presently there are very few professional Go players outside the three traditional “Go Powers” of China, Japan and Korea.


About Go:

Go is by far the oldest of the Mind Sports, originating in China as much as 4000 years ago. Two players alternately place black and white stones on a large 19x19 board to try to gain the most “territory”; although having very simple rules which can be learnt in a few minutes, it has proved to be the most difficult of all games for computers to “learn” — currently the best computer programs can easily be beaten by novice human players.


Go was said to have influenced Mao’s strategic thinking. Readers may have seen the game played in the film “A Beautiful Mind”.




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Joanne Missingham thinks about her next move



Neville Smythe, Secretary Australian Go Association

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What is Go?


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Contacts for Chess and Bridge:

Please contact the Australian Chess and Bridge Federations for information about their participation in the WMSG:


         Bridge: ABF website

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         Chess: ACF web site




Media wishing to cover the 1st World Mind Sports Games are requested to contact the Chinese organisers for assistance with their requirements. Please contact Neville Smythe (above) for more information.